Cone crusher machine structure elaboration

Cone crusher machine structure elaboration

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Standard cone crusher crushing mechanism, its main component is fixed cone and moving cone, fixed cone is mainly composed of a regulating sleeve and the fixed cone lining plate, lining board with hook together with high manganese steel casting, with V type bolt hanging in the adjusting sleeve rib, between them the casting zinc alloy, make closely, material receiving funnel is fixedly connected with the adjusting sleeve by screws, adjusting sleeve and bearing apply trapezoid thread connection, and the supporting sleeve and spring screw pressing on the frame.

The moving cone is mainly composed of a movable cone, spindle, dynamic cone lining plate and the distribution plate, a movable cone pressure mounted on the spindle, dynamic cone lining plate for high manganese steel castings, the pressing sleeve and the cone head is pressed on the movable cone. The moving cone and the lining board also cast zinc alloy, tightly to the spindle head, mounted on the distribution plate, lower part of the main shaft is tapered, conical hole into the eccentric bush, when the eccentric sleeve rotates, it drives the movable cone partial rotary motion, in order to offset rotary motion to ensure the moving cone, the lower part of the movable cone processing a spherical, and supported in a bowl type bearing. Bowl type bearing is composed of a bowl type bearing and bearing frame, bearing frame with square pin is fixed on the frame on the moving cone sleeve, the full force of all suffered by the rack bearing.

Eccentric sleeve bearing in the end bearing is composed of several of the cushion piece (or thrust disc), end bearing and located in the frame plate, in order to reduce friction, steel pad top with an eccentric sleeve to rotate, the following mat and frame connecting the Middle Bronze, bronze and steel pad pad rotate freely, there is oil groove contact surface of the cushion piece, so into the lubricating oil, reduce the abrasion. Eccentric sleeve in the big bushing internal rotation, the latter is installed in the center of the sleeve frame, the eccentric sleeve conical bore and cone bush, spindle rotation in the inner cone taper sleeve.

In order to centrifugal inertial force generated when the dynamic balance of cone deflection, large conical gear is provided with a balance block made of lead, in order to prevent dust into the bowl type bearing, such as size of bevel gear to the friction surface, using a water proof device. An annular groove is arranged in the bowl type bearing frame, the groove is communicated with the circulating water, the conical baffle welded on the lower part of the movable cone, work dust-proof baffle is inserted into the circulating water, the dust outside the block, falling into the water by circulating water to wash away the dust.

Because the lining board wear or other reasons, need to adjust the discharge port, a discharge port adjusting control hydraulic system. Propelled by pushing the head of the hydraulic cylinder, so that the adjusting sleeve to rotate, with the aid of trapezoidal screw drive to change the fixed cone and the upper and the lower positions, to make the material outlet adjustment.

Spring is the insurance device of crusher, crushing material when there are difficult to fall into the crushing chamber, the spring is compressed, the supporting sleeve and the fixed cone is picked up, let broken discharge, so as to avoid the damage of the workpiece, and then with the tension of the spring, a supporting sleeve and a fixed cone again back in situ.

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